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Coming in…. 2017

Electric Car Parts & Accessories

  • Stirling EV Power Plant – This is a brand new power plant in developed that will have Dual Generators for powering the main driving motor.
  • Wind Generators – Customized Wind Generators built for Capturing the wind that hits the front of the vehicle  and comes through the grill and lower air dams.
  • Hood Scoops – Customized to capture both Solar and Wind energy.   Give your car that strong, sharp look that makes it stand out in the crowd and it also provides an addition 42 Volts (24V  Wind, 18V Solar)per/second to give back to charging your main battery bank.
  • Side Wind Ducts – Customized Wind ducts that are placed either on or behind the lower rear door panel or we have ones that are mounted behind the small window on most cars.  They provide about 10V at low speeds(30 miles/per/sec) and 18V at high speeds(65 miles/per/sec) when you combine the two you get an average output  of  20V to 36V Per/Sec-(x2).
  • Top Roof Scoop – This Scoop is mounted on the top rear of your Vehicle it has a Solar top surface and inside it is able to capture the wind that passes through it.  This unit is able to produce 20V to 42V Per/Sec.
  • Top Roof Spoilers – This Wing is mounted at the top rear window of your Vehicle it has a Solar top surface and underneath it is able to capture the wind that passes under it.  This unit is able to produce 10V to 16V Per/Sec.
  • Rear Spoilers – Customized to Capture both the power of the Sun and the force of the Wind.  Our Spoilers are design not only to make your car look good but they help maintain peak performance for your battery banks.
  • Graviton Motor Mounts-  if you need a custom motor mount for a perticular Vehicle we can help in producing that custom mount you need made with all the hardware with it.
  • Graviton Drive Shafts – This drive shaft is a new state of the art drive shafts that is new to the market, specially designed in our plant..  This Drive Shaft is constructed out of 5 different materials and the technology is cutting edge.  This shaft is able to produce electricity while it is spinning so it can give that electricity either striaght to the end drive or charge the battery Banks that power each wheel.

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