Build on demand….



The brand new Excelleron all electric Super Exotic Sports car by Graviton Motors.  This brand new concept has twin electric modified motors, Two Stirling EV Power Plants, multiple high rated modified generators, 2 in wheel pancake style motors up front,   multiple solar powered inserts, dual HV lithium battery banks, tron style touch screen dash and display.  The whole interior design is custom from the floor mats to the ceiling, custom thin alloy frame design sitting on 2 – 18″ rims up front, 4 – custom 20″ inch wheels in the rear.


The Excelleron’s interior is design to be both stylish and extremely safe.  The seats have both the color of the outer shell mixed with a solid black.  The interior has multiple camera views to help keep you safe from any obstacle that comes close to you.  The interior has the latest Bluetooth technology that is connected to both your watch and phone (James Bond move over) . The interior styling is straight out of Tron.

The Exterior design that you see will have some proprietary finished add-ons that are not being shown until final production.  There will be a special custom spoiler from Graviton Motors that will help generate electricity in two different ways.  The exterior is structured to absorb sunlight and turn it into electric current that can feed certain electrical feeds.

Under the Hood/Performance

The Excelleron’s  twin electric super charged motors are fine tuned to thrust you back in time.  The motors provide unbelievable torque and speed.  Then there are two more motors up front that can provide even more speed.  This sports car is fast even when its standing still.  The Excelleron should be able to do 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds and  should be able to drive on a long trips without having to charge provided you are not all out racing  at full throttle which could drain some of it’s HV lithium battery banks.

The Excelleron is estimated to drive almost unlimited by design.  The on board generators are able to create a significant amount of electricity to help charge the weakest battery bank or run both motors while driving at highway speeds.