About Us

Graviton Motors is a small company that was started by Brian Riley who is the founder.  Brian’s vision is to not just build a great brand in Graviton Motors but to show that Graviton Motors has new designs that will help revolutionize the electric car industry.  Graviton Motors will show that their business model will be the blue print to creating new automotive jobs in Georgia and the US.

Graviton is working on getting three new patents completed in 2017.  The first patent we are working on is a brand new EV power plant for mid size cars and trucks. The second one is called a “SWEG” which stands for Solar Wind Energy Generator, the SWEG can produce electricity from the wind and it has a solar shell that captures the Suns rays, The SWEG can generate between 24 Volts up to 65 Volts depending upon the speed the cars is traveling at.  The third device is another wind generating device which will be an accessory that will send green electricity to our new EV power plant.

If you would like to know how to partner up with Graviton Motors check out the partners page.

Thank you for your support in helping us to build green electrifying cars and trucks.

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